I’m splitting the last two weeks in half because holy hell its been intense. Coming to the end of my time in Salzburg has proved more emotionally, and physically, demanding than I would have expected 6 months ago, but with the things I’ve experienced, the people I’ve met and the ways in which I’ve changed, it became clear in these last few weeks that this was not going to be an easy bandaid to tear off.

Back to last Monday. That morning I had my last ever seminar in Salzburg- the interkulturelles Praktikum, after which Adele, Toni and I celebrated with a coffee on the rooftop terrace. As the others still had exams, I hung around in the library for a while, putting the finishing touches to my essay for my literature module, after which I decided I’d been rubbing my exam freedom in their faces for long enough, so I hit the gym. In contrast to how my Tuesdays have usually played out this semester, I had no lectures, no seminars and not even any social meet ups as everyone else was still bogged down in exams, so I had a day of life admin; dealing with my Munich placement and accommodation before heading to basketball in the evening. On my way home, I stopped off at Adele’s with Toni where we ate biscuits and tried not to think about how our time together was coming to an imminent conclusion.

On Wednesday, I filled my time with yet another trip to the gym- it kind of feels like I’m overdoing it slightly, or at least, that’s what my body’s telling me. That evening, I met up with Adele, Toni, Bo, Elisabeth and Nora to go to Mozartkino in the city centre, one of the oldest (and most beautiful) cinemas in the world. We were they to see La La Land, not my personal choice to be honest – musicals have never been my thing – but we were going out for dinner at L’Osterias afterwards, and I wanted to spend as much time with my friends as possible before we were separated. The film was alright; I’m still not entirely convinced about musicals, but this one had fewer songs than I was expecting and was beautifully shot. After dinner, a few of us went to O’Malleys for a customary pint (it was a Wednesday after all), then caught the last bus home. For Thursday, Bo, Toni, Adele and I had planned a day of walking through the city’s surrounding areas, and met at Bärenwirt (of course, I had to get a quick gym session in beforehand!). We then walked over the Mönchsberg, where the sunshine reflected off the now melting snow and cut through the trees. Having an oasis like that in the middle of the city is so unique and so wonderful- it really was peaceful. After hitting all the prime viewing spots, we walked down towards the sun drenched Leopoldskron. Due to the “warm” weather Salzburg has been experiencing lately (and by warm I mean just tipping above zero), the lake had begun to thaw, so we could no longer walk over the ice, but we still managed to walk around it, subsequently finding the path I’d taken the week before which followed a small canal through rural Salzburg. Despite the slush from the melting snow, it was beautiful. By this time, it was approaching sunset, so we took the bus back into the city and went our separate ways. Later that evening, Elisabeth had invited us round to her place for a small birthday/leaving celebration, so I took the long bus down to Herrnau, armed with plenty of wine. After a while, we headed into town and ended up, somewhat inevitably, in omalleys. It was karaoke night, but we left in search of a continuation of our night before we had chance to subject the pub to our rendition of common people.

The next day was an emotional one, it was bo’s last day in salzburg. Despite her hangover, toni drove us to the picturesque Wolfgangsee half an hour away, and we spent a few hours wandering around in the cold. As the sun began to set, we drove back to Bo’s place and spent an emotional final couple of hours together, reminiscing on our time in Salzburg. Pretty soon, things got verrrry emotional and all too soon, Bo’s parents arrived to drive her back to Belgium. It’s hard to believe that it’s over. Yes, I’m still here and I’ve got another six months in Munich to come, but now my best friends are leaving, it feels like the end of something really special. It’s gone so quickly and yet I know we’ll be the best of friends for many years to come.



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