It’s been a weird few weeks; I live in Munich now. On Friday, I officially registered with the city, so now I’m actually a citizen here. Things so far haven’t exactly been smooth sailing. I miss Salzburg so much and keep thinking back to my life there and how perfect it was: I was honestly so lucky to have an experience like that. Don’t get me wrong, my internship here is pretty relaxed; the office is open, fun and light; the people are young, kind and friendly, plus there’s plenty of free coffee and sweets. The problem is the hours; I’m at work for so long, and spend a lot of the time messing around on the internet. I would really appreciate finishing earlier, just for the rest! The biggest problem is the apartment; as I mentioned, it’s a shit hole. My room is fine (now I’ve bought a new mattress), but the rest of the apartment is dirty, smells bad and I’m living with people I don’t know and don’t want to know. The sooner I move out the better. I’ve joined a gym too, and have, predictably, been spending a fair amount of my free time there. It’s still very weird living in a proper, big city, and having to allow a lot more time to get to places.

Outside of work and the gym, what have I done? Honestly, not too much, especially compared to my social life in Salzburg. Last weekend, Katie and I met in the city centre and had a walk around, then grabbed some dinner from a Thai place and I took Katie on her first trip to the Hofbrauhaus. Last Wednesday, Exeter hosted an alumni event at a fancy museum in the university quarter of the city, and Paddy, Katie and I went (mainly for the free food and drink if we’re being honest). There, we met a few other year abroad students and went out for a beer with them afterwards. On Friday, I joined Katie and some of her intern friends at a Karaoke bar in Schwabing, and on Saturday, Kirsty came to visit, and we went for a stroll through Lehel and stopped for coffee and cake. On Sunday, it finally began to feel like spring, so I went for a stroll through the Englischer Garten and even bumped into some friends from Salzburg!

As for the job, as I said, it’s pretty relaxed and I feel comfortable here, which is something that I was very worried about. Aside from the early starts and the constant tiredness (apparently I still have chronic fatigue, 8 hours a night should not leave me this exhausted), my biggest gripe is the routine – how do people do the same thing, take the same commute every day! I need variety and change to add some excitement to my life. I know that my routine is still fairly relaxed compared to many people’s, but I know now that I’m going to do anything I can to avoid a career where I do the same things every day. I also miss the travel, and the small things like going to a friend’s place to watch a film. Now, it’s just work, gym and sleep. I’m sure I’ll get used to it and I’ll start to become accustomed to the tiredness, but for now things seem a lot more difficult than they ever did in Salzburg.

Nevertheless, I’m determined to see the positives: the city is great, and I’m finally living that “big city life” I’ve wanted to experience for a while. I’m working at an internationally renowned company and am making friends here. All in all, I’m not doing too bad. Of course, there’s still challenges and I want to move out of this apartment asap, but I’ll deal with that in due course.



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