A Ruhr-in Good Time

This weekend, Adele and I made the fairly last minute decision to head to Bochum in the Ruhr to visit Toni. We drove up on Friday and were met with a huge hug from Toni at the station. Then, we wandered to her adorable attic apartment to leave our bags and catch up over tea. After a couple of hours, we Toni took us to see the sights of Bochum. It’s probably fair to say that it isn’t the most picturesque city in the world and it reminded me a lot of certain parts of England. That being said, we had fun grabbing some food and catching up some more over beer. The best morning, we woke up late and spent the day exploring the area some more. Toni drove us around the area, to a lake, the university and onward through the countryside. We then went to the Deutsches Bergbau Museum and took the elevator first 500m underground to an old mine shaft, then 50 metres up to get a view of the disarmingly flat area. On the way back to Toni’s, we stopped to get vegan ice cream (it’s never too cold for ice cream), then took a nap. That night, one of Toni’s friends was having a huge moving house party at her now empty flat so, after grabbing some chips, we took the train to her apartment, armed with brought alcohol to fuel a city. The party itself was strange as Adele and I didn’t really know anybody, but Toni’s friends were welcoming and even let us practice some German on them! After a while, the party moved into town, by which time I was getting bored. At 4am, I headed back to the apartment, expecting my friends to follow closely…. only to be woken up by them coming home at 8am.

It’s safe to say, that Easter Sunday was a bit of a write off. Whilst I woke up (again) bright and breezy at 11am, Toni and Adele slept through until 6pm. Whilst they were unconscious, I went on a stroll around the Stadtpark with Toni’s friend Isi and returned with supplies to make waffles. The evening was pretty chilled – we just watched a film until we all fell asleep – then woke up the next morning, and made an impromptu decision to go to Düsseldorf for the day. We took the train and wandered around the city and river for a while. It’s a surprisingly nice city and the sunshine only highlighted how pleasant it was. All too soon (and after an ice cream and drink or two), it was time to head back to Bavaria. The journey was long and filled with traffic, and by the time we arrived back, snow had actually began to fall. Nonetheless, it was worth it to see my friends again. I had no other plans for Easter, so it was nice to not have to be alone in my apartment for a long weekend.

Work also took a turn for the fun this week, with a few Easter games in the office, but, other than that, it remains the same. I suppose it could be a lot worse; I get along well with my colleagues and the environment is fairly relaxed, but I’m not entirely satisfied. The best I can do is make the most of my time off and take what I can from the experience.



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