Embracing Bayern

The weather in Munich is finally perking up (after the snow we had not long ago) and two weekends ago, and Adele, Leonie and Katie came to Munich for Frühlingsfest. I got to wear my new lederhosen and we had great day, if not for me getting “ill” in the evening.  The Sunday, naturally, was a “quiet one”.

Since getting back from Verona, a lot has changed. I moved into my new apartment two weeks ago, and boy oh boy was it a good decision. The move itself was, predictably, stressful as I seem to have acquired an additional suitcase of junk since I moved to Munich in February, but, as I settled into my new comfortable, clean, friendly apartment, I knew I’d made the right decision. Getting to know my flatmates has been fun, and last Friday, we drank some wine in the apartment before going out for the night (the less said about this the better…). For obvious reasons, despite the sun, the following Saturday was a total write off. On the Sunday, I wanted to explore Munich some more, so I headed out to the Moderne Pinakothek (Modern Art Museum) in the Museums Quarter of the city. Here, I spent an enjoyable, peaceful afternoon wandering around the exhibitions. It’s fair to say I’ve become a bit of a modern art nerd since moving abroad. Of course, I made it back in time to go to the gym which, delightfully, is the the same building as my apartment.

The following working week passed without incident. I’m thoroughly bored at my job and find it pretty uninspiring. That’s not to mention how poorly the permanent staff treat the interns; some of the things I’ve been asked to do are down right disgusting, not to mention dangerous (I have the cuts on my arm to prove it…). I truly understand the phrase “living for the weekend” now and after work on Friday, Pilar, Linh, Courtney and I went to Courtney’s beautiful balcony apartment at Theresienweise to moan about work and drink prosecco in the evening sun. The next day, I was up early for another travel adventure. I met Kitty at the station and together, we travelled first (briefly) to Nürnberg where we walked through part of the old town towards the river, and then, ultimately to the beautiful medieval town of Bamberg. The weather was unpredictable to say the least, but, for the most part, the sun shone and we spent the afternoon walking the narrow cobbled streets of this picturesque town. After stopping for lunch, we walked up to the Rathaus, then on up the hill to the monastery that overlooks the town centre. This was a green, peaceful oasis from the tourist-filled town, and we basked in the sun here for a while, before heading down to “Little Venice”, the part of the town riddled with canals and houses which look like they could sink into the water at any moment. Earlier, we’d spotted a cute tea shop in a central square, so we headed back for fancy tea and cake (how British), before wandering back through the town to the train station.

On the way back, we had another hour long change over in Nürnberg, so took the opportunity to have a glass of wine in the late afternoon sun in the city centre. I’ll definitely be back in Nürnberg before long, as we only really had a whistle stop tour of the city, but it was a lovely Bavarian day. After all of the walking (and alcohol…), I was exhausted, and fell asleep as soon as I got home.

The next day, I woke up late and watched tv and films for a few hours, before heading into town to meet Katie, Paddy and Sara for coffee (and to brag about my dreamy new living conditions). Then, just before dinner, I hit the gym, satisfied with how I’d spent my weekend.

In these past few days at work, I’ve finally been able to do what I love – write. It’s not been anything substantial, but at least they can see now that this is what I’m truly passionate about. Other than that, I spend a lot of my time ready articles in German, listening to podcasts and researching films and books. It’s not the job I’d choose, but I’ve got to try and get from it what I can. On the positive side, summer is coming to Munich and I’ve got a lot of travelling planned for the next few months, so that should get me through the working week.

EDIT: I also forgot to mention, the Wednesday after I got back from Verona was my 21st birthday. I was at work all day, so it was a pretty low key affair, but my colleagues bought me a cake and flowers which was nice. That evening, I just went for a very rainy run, but the next day, I went out for dinner and cocktails with some friends – I’ve certainly had worse birthdays!




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