Seen und Berge

Another week goes by.  It was another busy seven days, punctuated by visits to the gym and minor emotional breakdowns. Work hasn’t been easy, not least because my two friends there are leaving in a fortnight. I try to make the best of things by watching films, reading and appreciating the amazing city I’m in, but it isn’t always plain sailing.

The highlight by far this week was my trip back to Salzburg on Sunday. As Adele had injured her foot, hiking was off the cards, so we first reconvened at her apartment to plan our day. As the weather had perked up, we headed to Cafe am Kai (I’d always wanted to go) for a coffee overlooking the river. Then, we went to Mirabellplatz to check the bus timetables to Berchtesgaden, before wandering along the river into town. Boy oh boy was it good to be back. We walked down Getreidegasse, bought lunch to eat by the river, then walked further into the Altstadt, discovering lanes by the fortress that we’d never seen before. Then, we climbed up to the Nonntal Abbey overlooking the unipark, before walking down to the Kuenstlerhaus which was, as I predicted, disappointing.

Later, we walked caught the bus from Mozartsteg to Berchtesgaden, where we changed to another bus headed to Koenigsee. The bus dropped us off at the edge of an adorable little village, nestled in a cove of the lake, which was, itself, tucked between the mountains of Berchtesgaderland. With the weather being as sunny as it was, it was truly beautiful. We walked around the town, bought ice cream, then wandered part way around the lake, taking in the environment. It was so good to be in the mountains again. After a while, we stopped to lay down on the bank of the lake. From here, we could see the Eagles’ Nest, which we’d climbed to back in October – we’d come full circle. It was so warm that we even took a paddle in the alpine lake; so clear we could watch as our toes turned numb! All too soon, it was time to buy our postcards and catch the bus back to Salzburg. Back in the city, we went to Zwettler’s for a classic Austrian dinner and some beer. By 9pm, it was time for my train home which (after a fright as the noticeboard momentarily declared it cancelled), got me back to my bed in Munich by midnight.

I was exhausted after this long day, and I paid for it the following week, but it was worth it to be back in what I consider my home town. Salzburg still means so much to me and I’m so grateful for every time I can go back and relive some of my happiest memories.



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