I’m writing this a few weeks late, so my memory of things that happened at work then are blurry, but I presume things were as predictably dull and frustrating as ever.

The weekend before last was a long one, so I spent a day in bed, a day visiting the Nuernburg Courthouse and a day in Ammersee with Kitty. Nuernburg was fascinating, if slightly disorientating being in the very building very the famous trials took place. The city itself I’ve visited before (to an extent) and it remained as classically Bavarian as ever. Ammersee was a bit of a gamble on the Monday; the weather was mercurial to say the least, but the lake was beautiful nonetheless. After a lakeside lunch, we went for a wander and, typically, got caught in a torrential downpour.

It was all go the following weekend too. After inviting me at our team bonding session the week before (bowling, beer and banter), I went to Linh’s graduation on Saturday. Dolled up to the nines in heels and a dress, I met her and some others from work at the Munich Künstlerhaus for the ceremony. Afterwards, the university put on a cocktail reception at a nearby restaurant, and all the drinks were free!!! Needless to say, I literally lost count of how many aperol spritz I drank that afternoon, but it was enough to leave me stumbling like a newborn giraffe by 5pm. Despite the free food throughout the afternoon, we still had a reservation at a restaurant in Schwabing, so a group of us went there and drank even more. Being hungover on the train home at 10pm was a very disconcerting experience.

Thanks to my early hangover, getting up early the next day was relatively easy. I got the train at 9am to Kufstein, on the border, where I met Adele. We wandered through the village centre for a while (stumbling on an adorable local festival), before starting our hike to the Naunspitze. Even before midday, temperatures had reached the high 20s, and the hike was at a considerable incline, so it was sweaty going to say the least. After a couple of hours of purely uphill going, we reached a small mountain Alm and stopped for an Almdudler and a picnic. As you can see, the views were breathtaking. We looked out on the Wilder Kaiser, bathed in the warm alpine sun and against a backdrop of a cloudless sky – heaven. After so much uphill walking, Adele was too tired to carry on going up, so I climbed the rest of the way to the peak on my own, and was rewarded with a somehow even more impressive view.

Coming back down, we wound our way through quaint valleys, past alpine farms and guest houses, before reaching the stream on the outskirts of Kufstein where we paddled in the glacial water. Tired and burnt, we jumped on our respective trains, very very satisfied.

It was until I moved away from the mountains that I realised how much I adore being amongst them. Whenever I go back to the Austrian alps, it becomes one of the highlights of my time here. Being out of the city is so liberating and I feel so much more comfortable there than pretty much anywhere else on the planet.



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